You actually already know me a little bit. My style of photography shows part of my personality. I like all that is natural, real, emotional, spontaneous and unplugged.

I tend to be shy, BUT you won’t say that once you meet me. J

I believe in values like loyalty, honesty and respect.

I’ve shot already more than 150 weddings, but that should not be the reason you book me. I hope you’ll do it, because you love my photography and you trust me as an artist to photograph the real moments of your wedding day, your kisses, the fun, your family and friends.

I speak fluently German and English, but usually everybody talks to me in Swiss German

Where do I come from? It's always fun to let the others guess it. A little hint – I don’t speak Spanish. J

My family means the world to me. I am a mother of two lovely kids and a wife of a very smart and loving husband. 

Coffee or tea? Well, both + occasionally a beer or some gin and tonic.

I’m a summer girl. Hot days are my favorite.

I'm only 160 cm tall (or better say short) and that's quite an advantage. J