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Meet Elza


Elza Oberholzer

I’m happy you want to get to know me better! Below you will read some interesting facts about me.

Being a photographer is for me not just a job, but a lifestyle. I’m enjoying it, I’m loving it! I try to capture the true, real, fun in-between moments when no one expects I’m clicking with my camera. These are the moments that represent the real you. I love the colors of life, the emotions, the light that can be caught with one single click.

Once you get in contact with me, I would like to treat you as my friends. I hope this helps to shorten fast the distance between us that we can communicate freely.  

If I have to describe myself with one word, I would say I am a DREAMER.  My dreams had brought me to where I stand and what I am now.

Here are some other interesting facts about me:


… am a mother of two wonderful children and a wife of a very smart and loving husband.

… play the piano and the guitar.

… am very friendly and this doesn’t prevent me to work professional. I like to set goals and to reach high standards.

… along with English, I speak also German – maybe not perfectly, but I do my best in order to communicate with all the nice Swiss people contacting me for a wedding or a session.

… am a very honest and direct person. 

… love to make people happy and laughing.

… am sometimes very shy, but only sometimes. 🙂

… like the Spring and the Summer when it’s warm and hot.

… can’t take care of plants (seriously!).

… want to meet you and be your best wedding or family photographer.

  If you like my photography, please, don’t hesitate to contact me! And, don’t forget to like my Facebook page as well!  😉