Hochzeitsfotograf Schweiz | Cornelia + Marco

Before I start filling my Blog with a lot of incredible weddings from 2016, I must show you some more from 2015. It’s not that easy to update my Blog regularly, even if I try my best. 🙂

When I met Cornelia und Marco for the first time, I knew their wedding will be very beautiful. They planned the ceremony to be outdoors, under the blue sky and the hot summer sun. They chose Schloss Liebegg to be their main Location. It’s quite a nice place! Cornelia put a lot of love and efforts in preparing their big day, planning every little detail.

I personally want to congratulate them that they could respond to my wish to take some pictures at sunset. We left the party in the evening for 15 min and had to hurry up and chase the sun till the highest point we could. Well, there were only hills around, but still it was quite funny to chase the sun. We had the feeling that the sun was running over the hill. 🙂

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